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SCAM ALERT: US Domain Authority

If you’ve received a “bill” for $289 from US Domain Authority, this article will explain why it is completely fraudulent. Here’s why you should never pay them for their “services.”

The US Domain Authority product is marketed as a way to increase the “authority” of your website. When it first launched, Internet users were skeptical. The company claimed that its methods could improve domain authority by 265 points in just 90 days! You can see why so many marketers would be interested in this service

What is domain authority and why is it important?

Google’s domain authority has been around since 2014, but it wasn’t given a name until 2015. It was created to help Google sort through millions of websites and determine each site’s true popularity or quality.

One of the building blocks of an off-site SEO campaign is to connect with other brands that considered an authority and try to get a link from their website to yours. Their domain authority becomes an asset for your site and helps you achieve a higher rank in the search engines. So you can see Domain Authority is still an important metric.

In walks a new scam, the US Domain Authority.

US Domain Authority tries to convince you that they are the US version of Moz’s Page Rank, which is associated with Google. They market themselves as a website that ranks websites in order to find out who has high domain authority and who doesn’t. They are in fact not affiliate with Moz, Google or any reputable domain ranking service.

This scam company charges $289 for this service when there is no way possible it can increase your domain authority or rank.  US domain authority has nothing to do with Google, and you should never pay them for this service or any of their services.

Should you be concerned about your websites domain authority? Yes. You should never pay anyone that promises immediate results on something that happens organically. IN fact Google has repeatedly stated that using what are considered ‘black-hat SEO’ techniques could hurt your overall SEO efforts and could even lower your rank.

There are proven methods for increasing your domains rank and authority and taking shortcuts is far from any of them. US Domain Authority is a well know scam and there are plenty of others not as well known. We are, of course, always here to answer questions and help you with search and SEO related questions. With a proven track record of helping clients and adherence to best practices, Jus B Media can help your site, not hurt it.

So if you receive a bill from the US Domain Authority for $289 rip it up, toss it in the trash, then call us and see how we can actually help you rank higher in Google searches.

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