“I LOVE what I do!”

A natural entrepreneur, I started my first business, Exhibit A Models, when I was 22. In 2002, the social media world wasn’t any where near what it is today. I mostly operated on MySpace and a site called OneModelPlace. I honestly feel that if social media would have been as mature and accessible then as it is now, I would have achieved even greater success. I ran my promotional modeling company through networking online for seven years. Connecting with people using the internet fascinated me so the truth is, I never really stopped networking online.

Through the years I have always stayed involved with the growth of social media and invested hours in researching techniques and staying on the cutting edge of professional social media marketing techniques. In all honesty, I love it! I get so excited about social media: seeing posts go viral, watching numbers grow, making people laugh, and when I can connect sales to a series of posts I’ve made, I get really excited! I also love researching how current successful brands are doing it right, too. I feel that social media genuinely levels the playing field for small start ups, local retailers and small businesses.

At 30, I realized I would finally need to earn a college degree to obtain any type of job in the current economy. The obvious choice for me was to attend an accredited university, you guessed it, online. I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Communication in June of 2015. Throughout my 4+ years of getting my education, I mostly worked from home doing social media for local organizations in my hometown of Wooster, Ohio. The more I did it, the more I realized it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my working days.

I started Jus B Media in April of 2015 and I’m so thankful for each day I get to wake up, take the dogs out, pour some coffee, and sit at my home desk and research, and post, and analyze everything social media for my clients. From reputation management to creating delicious looking foodie photos to post on Instagram, I really can’t get enough.

My goals for Jus B Media are to successfully drive business in the background using social media for my clients. I want to teach them that social media is the most cost-effective answer to their marketing needs and will totally “Wow” them. I want to watch my client’s bottom lines soar. I’m passionate about what I do, and because of that, I want nothing more than to see my clients booming in their industry.

So, in closing, I’ll say it one more time, “I LOVE what I do!”

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