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“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell

We believe your brand has a story to tell, a great story that will connect with your clients. This connection is where modern day marketing begins and we at Jus B Media excel.

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Jessica Wagner

Queen Bee
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Kellie H.

Hive Manager

“Don’t expect miracles to happen overnight. Social media is a process and it’s important to build your (loyal) following before you can start to see viral actions happen.”


Buzz Creator

“I think you have to figure out your brand-that’s a mix of what you want your business to be and what you already are when you’re starting out. Then you have to stay consistent and be patient. Make sure you emulate your brand in person, too. The likes and follows will come.”

Buzz Creator Julia

Julia F.

Buzz Creator

“Social media is like a canvas, masterpieces never happen if the artist doesn’t know where to begin.”

Buzz Creator Heather

Heather L.

Buzz Creator

“Do not be easily discouraged. Persistence is key. If one thing isn’t working maybe try something different.”


Our team is a collection of imaginative, energetic writers, designers and coders and we are looking to expand.
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