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Entry Level SEO Package

Includes The Following:

The benefit is that all site content conforms to search engine best practices and is updated as needed based on a review of the previous month’s analytics.

As content is added to the site we will optimize it for search engine best practices.

We review your monthly analytics to determine trends that inform us of changes that may need to be made.

We monitor your rank as it pertains to local SEO and local listings, specifically targeting your Google My Business listing. This ensures you remain competitive in the highly sought after ‘near me’ searches.

We review the competitive landscape and look for content opportunities that help your search efforts. Specifically generating ideas and keywords for blog and social media content creation.

We will review all blog post submissions and suggest changes to optimize them for maximum search engine results. We also add blogs to your site to ensure they are configured correctly and then submit the new post to search engines for consideration in listings.

Reports are generated to review your analytics. These are generated at your request or when we see a change in your analytics that we feel you should be made aware of.

Advanced Level SEO Package

Includes All Entry Level Services Plus The Following:

We will create 1 blog post (up to 1000 words) per month. Topic to be pulled from the review of your analytics, so as, to bring you the most benefit. Posts will be written by us and sent to you for review before publishing.

These posts will be highly targeted and optimized for search terms in your field. They are intended to boost traffic to your site by capturing interest in keywords or keyphrases. They are not intended to be the only voice of your brand on your website, but to supplement other posts that establish your authority and brand identity.

Backlinks are links to your site from other sites. Search engines consider links to your site from other sites valuable and they increase your search engine rank. This is especially true when the site linking to you ranks high for the same searches you are targeting. We create campaigns to request links to your site from other sites that we target in your field. Typically done through blog posts, we will submit your site content in an attempt to generate high quality backlinks that increase your search engine rank.