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Wondering about Zoom Etiquette?

Are you wondering about Zoom etiquette? Zoom, Teams, Hang Out, Blue Jeans – all of the virtual meeting applications are all the rage right now so we thought we would touch on how we all should be treating these meetings. I mean, sweatpants seem to be essential gear right now, but they don’t have to be. So here’s a question for you – how many of you have had a few too many recent virtual meetings that left you feeling flabbergasted and at a loss for words because of what you’re seeing and hearing on the other end? Joe took his computer in the bathroom with him again. Karen forgot to mute her video and her kids are in the background being, well… kids. Maria is wearing a worn-out pajama shirt and surely hasn’t brushed her hair today. Kyle is sitting in front of a window, all we can see is a bright shining light, and Daniel hasn’t turned his camera on for a meeting in a month. Do you even know what he looks like at this point?

If any of this sounds familiar or sounds like you, keep reading for answers.

We are all finally getting adjusted to our new at-home office life, right? Or are we? For the past couple of months, businesses all across the United States and other parts of the world have been trying to keep up with this sudden switch to a completely online work field. Social distancing has shut down workplaces leaving many of us working remotely from our homes. From Google Hangouts to Zoom, we have all had to deal with getting used to using and conquering these applications. Here are some quick Online Meeting Tips to help you out on the next one. 

Girl, Brush Your Hair

This is still a business meeting. Messy, frizzy hair will set the tone that you’re not taking the meeting seriously. Whether it’s your first impression or 50th, the way you present yourself will always leave a wrinkle on someone’s brain about you.

No One Wants To See Your Bed

Yes, we are all at home just trying to make it work. Some of you will need to convert your living room or bedroom into your new workspace. We get that, but no one wants to focus on your messy house or the intimacy of your sleeping area in the background during an important conversation. Move rooms or even head outside for a little sunshine and use nature as your backdrop. Some apps, like Zoom, even give you the option to choose a ready-made backdrop. Remember your background on a virtual meeting is just as important as how you present yourself during an in-person meeting.

Put On A Suit If That’s Your Jam

But these sweatpants are so comfortable though! Have you ever heard the phrase, “when you’re looking good – you’re feeling good.” Take this as an opportunity to have fun snazzing up yourself. Wear the nicest thing you have, why not?! You are a business professional after all. Wear what you would have planned to wear had you been meeting the individual in person.

If There Is A Window Behind You – Change Directions

Light pouring through a window can wash out your complexion and mess with another meeting attendee’s view of you or your screen. If you are sitting in front of a window, maybe just do a quick turn around to face the opposite way so the light flooding in then makes you glow in a good way.

Mute Your Microphone When Someone Else Is Talking

Immediately upon entering a meeting, make sure to put your microphone on mute. If more than one person’s voice is being picked up, the sound can be muddled or even create an echo making it difficult for other attendees to hear the person speaking. Be patient with each other and make sure to keep your audio muted until it is your turn to speak.

Video-Meeting? Turn Your Camera On For Pete’s Sake

If everything were acting as normal during these times, you would be meeting face-to-face. Allow the other person(s) the ability to see your face and facial expressions while meeting. This will not only make the other attendees feel more comfortable, but it will also help convey any hard to understand messages you or they may have to deliver. We understand in some cases a sudden video-meeting request can be a small inconvenience and you may find yourself at a grocery store or public place when a call is supposed to occur. In these cases, it is polite to leave your video off so as to not distract the other attendees by what’s going on in the background.

We hope we’ve helped you understand what to avoid during a webcast or Zoom call. When it comes down to it a meeting is still a meeting, whether you are face-to-face or over the web. And like any other business adventure you are expected to be professional and adhere to a standard of excellence. Working remotely does not mean we get the chance to slack off. We are still business professionals. Still have questions about Zoom or video-chatting? Feel free to contact us and ask away!

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