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Hive Update: Updates and Changes to the Hive

We are excited to provide an update on the changes taking effect in 2022 for our social media marketing and web services clients.

As the landscape changes and social media and web services become an even more critical part of our client’s business, we have provided a lot of value to our clients last year beta testing new social media marketing and web services strategies and tactics at no additional cost. We have weeded out what didn’t work, and are keeping what does. The successes of the previous year have allowed us to introduce new services, including website management and social media marketing for businesses with more employees and in different industries, as well as increase our Hive making it possible for us to offer better support moving forward into the new year!

We have also made organizational updates designating one of our Bees to fully manage your Instagram account. We have also hired a Community Manager to the Hive to answer your customer’s questions in real-time, engage with your direct and extended community, provide social media partnership recommendations, as well as update style guides and hashtag strategies.

Our blog has also been updated with improved content aimed at helping you grow your business through social media marketing and web services; our recent post on Influencer Marketing is one we recommend checking out if engaging with social media marketing influencers is part of your 2022 resolutions.

We will also be launching our newest piece of software, The Honey Pot App in 2022 in order to streamline communication. We have been tirelessly working on The Honey Pot App for almost two years and are excited to move forward with Beta Testing on April 1, 2022.

Due to all of these exciting changes, we feel it is appropriate to minimally increase our pricing structure for all clients. As always, the ratio of what we are charging versus what we provide will be wildly stacked in your favor. We are confident that the value provided will continue to outweigh the cost. Let us know if have any questions whatsoever.

We hope you have a prosperous 2022 and look forward to continuing our relationship! If would like to join the Hive, please contact one of our Bees for more information.

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