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From Big To Boutique: Small Businesses Are Making The Switch

Social media management plays a huge role in the success of your business, and who
you decide to work with to manage your brand is so important. Small business owners
are discovering that when it comes to social media management, bigger doesn’t mean

While large agencies might have a more substantial following, boutique firms cultivate real connections with the people and businesses in your area. And while a viral tweet or Instagram picture with thousands of ‘likes’ might seem enticing, they pale in comparison to the value of connecting with your customers on a personal level. This is what a boutique firm can do for you.

As a small business owner, social media is your greatest asset. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest allow you to reach a far larger audience than just using word-of-mouth marketing. It’s essential to utilize these pages to connect not only with your customers but with your community as well. Having a presence in your community shows the real side of your business and will help build your brand’s reputation. Big Box agencies may have a difficult time connecting to your community’s culture, especially if they are a few states away.

A common misconception in the social media world is that having a massive number of followers means that your business is successful. This is simply not true, as it takes genuine content and interaction to build the online success of your business. For example, the corner café may have thousands of followers because a big agency created a great wide-spread campaign for them but if no one is walking through the door, the café will suffer a great loss. If you have a large agency managing your social media pages, you might be missing out on the local and personalized attention your brand needs.

Thinking of making the switch? Jus B Media will make sure your transition to a boutique firm will be comfortable and stress-free. Once you begin working with us, you’ll notice a few things we do that set us apart from other firms. First, quarterly strategy sessions are conducted to make sure important dates for your business are covered. These might be holidays you celebrate, employee birthdays, milestones in the company, or any other date of significance. Another outstanding benefit is the use of ‘community shoutouts’. We make sure to build camaraderie with businesses in your community.
Having a relationship with your competitors shows the willingness of your business to support others in the community and beyond. Finally, clients of Jus B Media receive free, real-life snapshots. This allows you to rely less on stock images, which makes your brand more approachable to consumers. If we run out of photos, platforms such as Instagram and TripAdvisor are searched to find other images from real people (giving credit to the source, of course). These perks are just the beginning of your road to success!

Switching to a boutique firm for your social media management will remarkably benefit your business in the long run. Maintaining a ‘small-town’, personal feel for small businesses will appeal to consumers so much more than a business that just pushes out generic content and doesn’t interact with the community. Connecting with the real people and businesses in your area is the foolproof way to gain lifelong customers, and big agencies simply cannot achieve this for your brand. If you’re already working with a big agency, make the switch to a boutique firm like Jus B Media, and you’ll notice the difference.

Don’t have a firm managing your social media and brand reputation? Let’s get started! Jus B Media is here to craft social solutions to grow your business and build enduring relationships between your brand and your tribe.

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