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2020 Trends and Predictions

Happy New Year! As the holiday season comes to a close and we say goodbye to 2019, it’s time to look at 2020 Trends and Predictions. What trends will continue? What should brands focus on this year? Let’s check it out.

There are a few trends expected to continue into the new year. First, social commerce on apps will continue to rise in 2020. If you remember, shopping via apps was on the rise in 2019, especially on Instagram. This simple, easy way to shop for products will likely continue because of the convenience factor. Consumers look for products that can be easily ordered and attained, both of which can be done via social commerce. Pinterest has recently become a major force in the social commerce trend. After introducing an ‘enhanced visual search tool’ and ‘buyable pins’, Pinterest users drastically increased product purchasing through the website. This trend will continue through 2020, as consumers rely on apps to purchase products.

Another 2020 trend is the importance of positive reviews. Consumers are looking for real, fresh, and reliable reviews before making purchases now more than ever. Positive reviews can help your customers differentiate between you and your competitors in a major way. This trend will rise in 2020 as consumers’ need for trust in brands increases. If your brand needs help gaining positive reviews in 2020, now is the time to ask for help!

A trend on the rise from 2019 is the use of ephemeral content or content that is only available for a short period of time. Snapchat stories, followed by Instagram stories, set the tone for the recent increase in this trend. It is predicted that the use of new content that disappears after twenty-four hours will continue to be used by a majority of social media users. Personalized content is also increasing, as brands look for ways to continue learning more about their customers. User-generated content, or UGC, is on the rise, as many brands motivate their customers to post content and tag the brand, so other users can see customers using their products.

2020 will also see an increase in the use of social media for customer service purposes. A majority of consumers now communicate with brands via social media to provide reviews or express complaints. Using this form of communication is a quick and easy way for brands to provide excellent customer service in real-time. As we know, positive reviews are essential to the success of a brand, and handling issues or complaints quickly via social media can increase customer advocacy for your brand.

Social media usage continues to provide brands with more and more opportunities to connect with consumers. It’s important now more than ever to invest in social media management for your brand, as it’s essential to build and maintain trust with your customers. Managing your brand’s reputation should be at the top of your goal list for 2020, which might seem overwhelming with the ever-changing trends in social media. Jus B Media can help your brand find success in the digital world and what better time to start than the beginning of this new year!

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