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2019 Instagram Trends

With an average of one billion monthly users, Instagram has become a force to be reckoned with in the social media world. With an ever-changing layout and new features, Instagram has maintained its success with users. Several features have been introduced on Instagram in 2019 and will begin shaping the way the app is being used by individuals and brands so we thought we’d lay out some of the latest and greatest Instagram trends for you.

  • Using Collages to Display Content
  • Updated Explore Tab
  • Video Seekbar
  • Create Mode
  • Donation Sticker
  • Removing ‘Likes’

Using Collages

After Instagram introduced the ‘album’ feature, allowing multiple pictures to be uploaded under the same post, users have been looking for additional ways to post content creatively. The use of collages has become one of the increasingly popular Instagram trends, especially after creating their own app called Layout. A simple option from within the Instagram app, Layout is designed to build and edit collages for your content to easily upload to your feed or story. Collages can be used to increase the visibility of the images you upload, showing them all at once as opposed to using the ‘album’ feature.

Updated Explore Tab

Instagram updated the Explore tab in order to focus on creating a more personalized experienced for its users. A new navigation bar shows shortcuts to Shopping and IGTV first, with options like Travel, Art, and Food after. This update also includes the addition of Stories to the Explore page. Content shown on your Explore page will include recommendations for posts and stories that you’re interested in, in order to discover even more posts and accounts than before. This is a major shift for brands that focus their posting on Stories, as their content will likely be seen by even more users through the Explore page.

Video Seekbar

Instagram has finally added a video seekbar to their list of features in testing. The seekbar lets you scroll through a video that appears on your feed to a specific part you’d like to watch. Users will no longer have to wait for a video to restart and play through to a specific point. Although already available for videos on IGTV, this feature is the first for control over videos on your feed.

Create Mode

A new camera design being introduced includes Create Mode on Instagram Stories. This allows users to create a post without needing to upload a photo first, resulting in a simpler way to create and share your content through your Story. Creative tools will be displayed at the bottom of your screen, making options such as effects and stickers easily accessible.

Donation Sticker

Easily raise funds for your favorite nonprofit organization by using Instagram’s new donation sticker on your Story. Add this sticker to a picture, search and select the nonprofit of your choice, and edit your fundraiser with the built-in tools. Users can tap ‘donate’ on the sticker to support your cause, and you can swipe up on your Story to see how much money has been donated. 100% of the funds raised will be donated to the organization! This is a great way to increase awareness for a nonprofit you are passionate about, while helping them raise money in the process.

Removing ‘Likes’

The latest Instagram update being tested is removing ‘likes’ from photos and ‘views’ from videos. The original poster will be able to see the counts their content received, but the info will be hidden from others. This feature, currently being tested in Canada, is designed to decrease the stress and anxiety felt by many users to receive as many ‘likes’ as possible on their images. Removing ‘likes’ and ‘views’ could provide a shift in social media platforms, focusing more on connecting instead of competing.

While Instagram trends and tools continue to change, executives say the app will focus mainly on IGTV and Shopping in the future. Mixed with the possibility of removing ‘likes’, Instagram is sure to see even more changes in the way users connect and share on the app. However, the same tactics for building and maintaining your brand image remain the same: Define your ideal audience, create authentic and genuine posts, and plan out your content for consistent branding. If you’d like to learn more about Instagram and how to use social media to boost your brand, Jus B Media is here to help!

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